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It is the eleventh century, Cordoba, Umayyad Caliphate - Princess Omeya Wallada bint al-Mustakfi walks the streets of the city,
her vestments embroideredwith poetry written by her own hand,
"I am fit for high positions by God and am going my way with pride."


The Princess and other poets wrote verses which have, in turn, inspired Spanishsoprano Isabel Cañada Luna, in collaboration with American pianist Madison Da Silva, American violinist Crosby DeLaney Barret and Syrian percussionist Inas Halal, to provide a glimpse into the Arab past of the Iberian Peninsula through the staging of a musical performance: Sonore Al Andalus.

The performance showcases original compositions penned to the texts by poets from Al-Andalus and also includes classics, such as Lamma Batha, vet with modern arrangements containing both live instrumental interpretation and an infusion of electronic elements.

Faithful to the geographic and chronological setting of the repertoire, numbers are performed in a plethora of languages, including various dialects of the Arabic macro-language, period Spanish, Andalusi Romance, and Old Catalan. 

Notably. Sonore Al Andalus is comprised of an all-female ensemble, with members spanning three continents, thus encompassing modern values, such as tolerance, women's empowerment, and the desire to channel the expression of Antiquity through the universal language that is music.

Sonore Al Andalus endeavors to provide spectators with a bridge to the past of Arab and Hispanic civilizations, all while connecting to the present
and forging a bridge to the future.


Inas Halal

Percussionist      SYRIA


Crosby DeLaney

Violinist                  USA


Isabel Canada

Soprano             SPAIN

Madison .jpg

Madison Da Silva

Pianist                       USA

Huellas en la arena